PROPERTY Website Development


  • UGC
  • Automated Database
  • Web Audit
  • UI and UX
  • Content
  • Micro Sites
  • QR Codes
  • Online Valuations

Design Elements

  • Micro animations
  • Custom icons
  • Photography
  • Typography
  • Guide display
  • Page Designs


  • Print Advertising
  • Christmas Card
  • Database updates
  • Magazine Ads
Background information

This Property and real estate company provided a range of highly tailored property services and needed to regain their online position. A combination of expansion and busy times had meant that their once ‘ahead of the times’ site had slipped far behind the competition, and whilst their customer service and reputation remained in tact, their lack of online presence and sub-standard property listings, meant they were often overlooked by prospective vendors.

They had recently embarked on a rebranding exercise and there were a lot of elements to tie together – assess the market place afresh and align the branding with the new direction and company commitments.

The Brief

To fix a website that had been commissioned to be built earlier in the year. (2021)

Initially the hope was to provide project management – retrospectively to the external web developer, unfortunately the previous developer had been paid in full, and therefore the actual brief was to build a new website – picking up the various threads of conversation and comprehensive briefing that had occurred during the past 8 months.


Needed yesterday! Time was a massive factor for this propery company and website development- an outdated site had been replaced by a poorly designed newly built site that didn’t perfom on any front.

The Result

12 weeks later and a new site was launched during the Christmas week (2021).

The build was actually a 3 stage build which incorporated the main (core site) the property database and a microsite – the beauty of this was considerable – it allowed new touchpoints to occur even when their core site was going through more changes and also allowed for marketing and speed advantages as well as extending reach.

Although this was an extremely fast build, and an extremely tight budget, the end result is one that reflects the ethos of the company – forward thinking and with boutique and tailored design elements, a thoughtful user journey with time-saving collections, resources and other general property services, including the implementation of a valuation tool.

Christmas Card
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Web Page
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