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SEO and PPC services – ecommerce case study

The Brief – SEO services

Fairly loose brief requesting the initial implementation of SEO and taking control over the marketing, and PPC campaigns while becoming the custodian of the website and e-commerce products listed.


  • Technical SEO
  • Website Audits
  • Content Analysis and strategy
  • UI/UX
  • Local SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Content SEO
  • Process and Comms
  • Reports and Tracking
  • PPC

Design Elements

  • Social and site elements


  • Conditional logic forms
  • GA4 migration
  • Looker studio dashboards


  • Trello
  • Sharepoint
  • WordPress
  • SEMrush plus other SEO tools
  • Ahrefs
  • Moz
  • ScreamingFrog
  • Google Analytics
  • GTM
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Ads

Background information

This company had built a strong business dealing with OEMs and providing advanced process control and industrial automation products across a range of industry sectors.

The website was built some 5+ years ago and no-one had ever really maintained or monitored it.

The competitiveness of the marketplace digitally is intense with direct competition via Amazon and Ebay and 2-3 multi-national corporates – in direct competition for keywords.

The product range was extensive and technical and the client believed that the majority of transactional keywords were discovered through part numbers, as such their structure and product titles had been built on this strategy.


An initial 6 month period provided to provide the necessary reports and visualisations, implement tracking and tackle the extensive technical debt that had built up within the site.

At the end of Q2 and on month 6 I advise the need to thoroughly assess the performance and current/actual state of the site as often the visibility and therefore, reasonable goals has changed significantly, this period of change also requires assessment against the KPIs set for the initial 6month period and adjustments made along with a longer-term sustainable growth strategy.

The Result

New GA4 container with extensive bespoke reports created in the GA4 Dashboard and explore reports.

Extensive reports and strategy documents, providing detailed analysis of where the two sites were at and what recommended actions should be taken.

Extensive work completed with their webhosts. This agency was not an SEO agency and the site was a custom-coded WordPress design. Impressing the importance of page speeds and core page vitals was the first challenge as it was not only affecting their organic SERPs but also causing them to lose out on position lost due to rank factors within their paid-for advertising.

Additional work was required on content – there was very little landing page material or material to share on social – so creating the interest factor an absolute must!

The industry being so specific required strategic approaches to try and remain out of view to the competition and also to achieve SEO visibility on the relevant sectors to the products and general keywords relating to categories that had been added to the site, some years post-build, these additions were in the form of product only and as such the visibility on these products was minimal due to content and structure.

Extensive work was done on the PPC and shopping campaigns – not least structuring the merchant feeds to include the necessary information for validity but also try and limit the amount of cannibalisation existing in the product pages due to structure.

Below are some screenshots providing performance results within a 6mo period. The market traditionally enjoys a strong January/February and GA4 was not implemented until 20th Feb. The UA reporting and event tracking was not complete and so August was set as the month to regroup on Q2 reports and set in place the necessary budgets and actions to capitalise on the strong work completed across all areas of SEO from March 2023.

If you are looking for information relating to content SEO – For performance and audits – please visit this article on Content Strategy. For resources to help you implement your content strategy please visit build-links.CLUB is an invaluable tool to help you network with businesses and website managers to build topical backlinks and obtain quality content written by specialists.

Technical Improvements in 6months
Google Organic Search Improvements
SemRush performance SEO case study ecommerce
Keyword Growth and Visibility Improvements in Rankings
Custom real-time dashboards – Looker
Acquisition Performance Q1-Q2

In addition, there were many housekeeping elements that needed to be addressed – this included things such as redirects, and alt tags whilst implementing reviews and schema.

Some summary stats of what experienced SEO can do in a short time-frame.

Experienced SEO Services
product specific ranking improvements
Semantic search query ranking improvements
changing the trend and edging into a new bracket
core web vitals - improving SERPs
Mobile indexability is very much dependent on performance and some basic technical elements to allow a good user experience.
  • The domain rating has always been low – this is largely due to the niche sector and little or no prior SEO work completed.
  • Referring domains improved organically
  • Product specific Keywords identified as Valuable and visibility for these keyword pools improved
  • Semantic or generic keywords that were vital to the sector yet not gaining any traction were improved.
If you would like a no-obligation Quote for SEO services

I would suggest you visit the main site Development and Audits for useful resources, information about SEO plans and additional contact details for a free appraisal and discussion of your current situation.

Highly valuable keywords are often in high demand – therefore, the reason an SEO will say – it should be a retained project of works delivered over the long-term is to build and maintain these key positions, whilst remaining under the competitors’ radar – as much as possible. It is also not reasonable to expect any SEO – no matter whether they have 2 years experience or 25 years of experience to know exactly what keywords are going to give you the best conversions or purchases – it is a lot of data that allows us to establish long-term and sustainable growth following best practice to achieve the best CTR and CPA.
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