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Project Planning

Good communication is the vital link, not only to ensure a project stays on track, but also to maximise the potential. 

The right communications, delivered at the right time on the right platforms.
Consistent, identifiable & delivered with the right intent.

Planning a project in an agile delivery allows for changes as they occur real-time. This enables the best possible delivery for the exact time of that delivery.

It ensures that new analysis or insight can be integrated with an existing outline plan and further more, means that the specialist individuals and teams involved can be encouraged to question an outline as opposed to sticking to a set list of tasks in order to achieve a KPI.

The timeline and delivery however, should essentially remain true to the original deadline - this will depend on the ability of the planner to be realistic and attainable in setting milestones, along side their ability to know what is required to achieve the highest quality delivery.


The importance of Project Planning

  • Analysis
  • Team Specialists
  • Team cohesion
  • Timeframes
  • Allocation of time
  • Allocation of tasks
  • Understanding
  • Exploration
  • Expert Knowledge
  • Ideation
  • Iterations
  • Time appropriate delivery
  • Snagging
  • Approvals
  • Amendments
  • Competitive advantage
  • Safe spaces for open discussion
  • Accessible file sharing, knowledge and permissions 

Project delivery will differ depending on the exact nature of the project. 

However, the planning and scheduling of the work-flows, regardless of the actual deliverables will follow a set methodology:

Traditional - Waterfall

Agile project management

Collaborative - generally used in fast paced project deliveries.


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