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Your website is one of the most visible elements of your business, analysis should be conducted regularly.

The right communications, delivered at the right time on the right platforms.
Consistent, identifiable & delivered with the right intent.

Analysis should always form the base of any new development - however, beyond the statistcs and indicators that your website holds there is a world of opportunity when suffusing and analysing other data sources.

Aside from the fact that the search engines, and particularly, GOOGLE regularly update their tools and SERPS algorithms, your site may well hold the keys to new business features, shifts in product popularity and much more!


Website Reports - what you should know 

  • Site Perfomance
  • Backlinks
  • Internal Links
  • Meta Details
  • Visibility
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Gaps
  • Landing Pages
  • Search Queries
  • Keyword positioning
  • Behavioural Analysis
  • Aesthetic & Function
  • Content and Branding
  • Conversions and Goals
  • Country Analysis or Local Geography
  • Ecommerce statistics
  • Trending Areas
  • Market Data
  • Security
  • Database and Function

Reports will always follow a structure - however, the detail of analysis is often not evident until an initial website audit is completed.

Th intitial audit should give you clear indicators on the performance of the site, this in comparison to your competitors and include things such as site speed.

Additionally it will give you a good indicator of your sites visibility in terms of backlinks and its functionality the sites it links out to.

It will also cover the meta data and behavioural activity of the traffic reaching your site.

Want to learn more?

To discover more about what information is available to you - beyond the free tests and audits - please visit this additional article on the website audits and the services I offer as a freelancer and also as a contractor to agencies.


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